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Yosef Goodman

It is so difficult to write a memorial for Yosef Goodman.

Goodman, our brother, was a strong man. He was not a person who got injured.

Goodman was a man who got up, forged ahead without thinking twice. He was not afraid of pain and difficulties. He was filled with endless motivation, endless determination to go into each training and mission. He loved Israel, the nation, the land and tradition. And he loved his family so much. The picture of his grandparents hung in his locker.

Yosef's most outstanding characteristic was his generous heart - his amazing ability to constantly give to others, whether by going around with a tzedakah box until it was completely full, or insuring that we wouldn't be hungry no matter where we were in the country.

The last words you said to each of us the night before the accident were, "Love you, boy!" - words that you said all the time. Maybe that is the most important characteristic of Yosef - unconditional love (ahavat chinam). He had a great love and energy for life, for everything and everybody, love that we need so much now in our country with no conditions or barriers. Unconditional love - in our unit and in the nation, between the religious and the moshavnik, between the city dweller and new immigrant, settler and kibbutznik.

Dear Goodman family, you should be proud of the son you raised, a special person, a courageous fighter that we held in high esteem.

We are proud of him, we love him,
The Amrani Team in Maglan

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