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Ori Glick

Oriel (Ori) Glick was born in May 1969 in Kfar Saba, the first child of Margalit and Shmuel. During his early years, the family lived in the Galilee, the center of the country, and then traveled as emissaries (shlichim) to Canada. Upon their return, the Glicks were among the founding families of Efrat, where they still reside.

Ori was in the first graduating class of Neve Shmuel Yeshiva in Efrat. He enlisted in the army, volunteered for the paratroopers, trained as a medic, and went on to officers' training course. After completing his training he served as an instructor in flight school.

Ori served in all his army roles with the utmost responsibility, his love for the land of Israel making this a holy mission undertaken with love and dedication to the country's welfare.

Ori loved poetry, and combined a sensitive spirit and a sweet and innocent appearance with great maturity - the epitome of the admired army officer.

An evaluation written by one of his superiors describes Ori as "an excellent, devoted and responsible officer, commanding authority and loved by his comrades, fulfills his duties in the best possible fashion".

Ori was killed in a traffic accident in the course of duty, and was posthumously promoted to the rank of lieutenant. He was laid to rest in the Kfar Etzion cemetery in Gush Etzion.