Baruch Cohen
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Baruch Cohen

Baruch & Ehud Olmert, mayor of Jerusalem

"Baruch ata bevo'echa vebaruch ata betzetecha"

"Blessed you are when you come, and blessed you are when you go"

(D'varim, 28:6)

Baruch Cohen was born on the island Jarba in Tunisia in 1942. During his childhood he was the shamash of Rav Chaim Churi. In 1954 he made aliya with his parents and nine siblings, and lived in a transit camp in Kiryat Shmona. One year later, his family moved to the "Hadar-Yosef" neighborhood in Tel-Aviv. At age 16 he joined the no'ar ha'oved vehalomed (a youth movement), and at 18 he was drafted, and served as a soldier in g'dud 12. When he was released he began to work as a plumber in Tel-Aviv.

In 1965 he met Esther Travelsi, and they married three months later.
In 1966 his first son, Amnon, was born. Today he serves as a General in the IDF, and is the governor of the Hevron sector. He lives in Be'er Sheva.
In 1968 his second son, Eitan, was born. Today he is an engineer in Chevrat Hachashmal. He lives in Jerusalem.
In 1970 his third son, Avshalom, was born. Today he works for Intel, and lives in Achuzat Etrog.
In 1972 his fourth son, Oren, was born. Today he manages a clinic for the Israel Police. He lives in Nes-Tziona.
In 1975 his only daughter, Hadas, was born. Today she lives in Kiryat Arba, and teaches in the girls ulpena.
In 1977 his last son, Avihu, was born. Today he is the mazkir of Karmei Tzur, and lives in Efrat.

Baruch worked as a plumber in Be'er Sheva. In the course of his work he came to Efrat and finished the first building for Ohr Torah Stone, which became the Neve Shmuel Yeshiva High-school. After a certain period he left the construction industry and became the av bayit at the Frankel school in Jerusalem. During his time there he formed new and original content for his job, and was like a father to his young students, caring for them just a father cares for his children.

On Monday March 19, Baruch left to work as usual at 5:50 a.m. Six hours earlier the closure on Beit-Lechem was removed. Five minutes after he left he was overtaken by a car that contained terrorists. They shot 14 bullets at him. Five bullets decreed his fate. Four bullets hit him in the head and killed him instantly. Another hit him in the waist. Baruch Cohen HY"D was killed then and there. The doctor who examined his body determined that he had not even had time to comprehend what had happened, and died without pain.

Thousands joined the funeral procession that left Efrat, and escorted him to his final resting place.

He was 59 at his death. A man who knew the meaning of hard work, a man that was truthful and honest. He lived through enormous hardships, but never gave up.

He was 59, and only then did he begin to live after his suffering ended.

He was 59, and didn't get to see the wedding of his youngest son, Avihu, who got engaged only one week before the murder, and got married three months later.

He was 59, and left stunned his wife Esther,
His children Amnon, Eitan, Avashalom, Oren, Hadas, Avihu
His in-laws Isabella, Neli, Tzviya, Chedva, Ofir, Dikla
His grandchildren Liron, Mor, Adar, Sharon, Gal, Neria, Matan, Nevo, Aviya, Eyal, Tchiya
His grandchildren who didn't get to meet him, and were born in the months after the murder Yair Baruch and Avinoam Baruch Uziah that didn't get to enjoy him, and he didn't get to enjoy them.

He was 59 at his death. Hashem Yikom Damo.

One month after Baruch's death, on the shloshim, the banquet hall at his shul (Ohel Shimon ve'Esther) was dedicated in his memory. It was named "Ohel Baruch".